Record-Breaking Streak Continues on Kanawha River

Kanawha Blue Cats
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West Virginia’s Kanawha River system is putting out some seriously big fish these days, including four state records over the past two years. In the past two months alone, the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources has confirmed not one, but two, state-record blue catfish pulled from the same river.

Record Blue Cats Caught Back-to-Back

Cody Carver holds up the first state-record blue catfish caught from the Kanawha this spring. WVDNR

Last month, Cody Carver caught a giant blue catfish while fishing from a boat in the Kanawha. Carver hooked and landed the bruiser in the well-known Marmet Pool using cut shad for bait. The 61.28-pound fish was heavy enough to eclipse the previous state record of 59.74 pounds that angler Mark Blauvelt caught from the Ohio River in May 2016.

The West Virginia DNR recognizes both length and weight records for all species, and Carver’s 45.51-inch blue cat wasn’t long enough to beat out Justin Goode’s 50.15-inch catfish….

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