RAILBLAZA Announces C-Tug R with Kiwi Wheels Fishing Kayak Cart

Railblaza C-TUG R2 kayak cart
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RAILBLAZA, manufacturer of premium quality, user-friendly mounting systems and accessories, announced today the launch of its new C-Tug R with Kiwi Wheels. RAILBLAZA C-Tug R with Kiwi Wheels is the next evolution in the world’s best-selling fishing kayak cart.

Compatible with all the vessels the original cart suited and more, the RAILBLAZA C-TUG R now fits a wider selection of hull profiles including pontoon hulls like that on the Hobie Pro Angler, Hobie Outback, to name a few. Building on the bestselling innovations of the C-Tug range, the new C-Tug R features a pair of 20-inch hull rails allowing users to easily secure the cart for perfect positioning, to optimize loading/unloading, reduce pulling load and get on the water faster for some kayak fishing.

The C-Tug R assembles and dismantles in seconds and stows easily in a kayak or canoe hatch and allows users to leave gear onboard their craft while…

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