OUTDOORS COLUMN: Mushroom season gets halted | Sports

OUTDOORS COLUMN: Mushroom season gets halted | Sports
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I talked with several good mushroom hunters this week and a few aren’t even hunting mushrooms right now. Of course, some mushrooms are being found but many hunters I’ve talked with are coming up empty.

The woods in our area are extremely dry and the snow we had Tuesday probably didn’t add a lot of moisture to the soil and the winds have been extreme the past week. Winds suck what little moisture we have received right out of the ground.

The snow, along with the two freezing nights this week have dropped the ground temperature to a point where mushroom growth is probably on hold for right now.

There is light at the end of the tunnel however as rain is in the forecast for today and a near eighty-degree day is scheduled for Tuesday. May 1st is generally the date when the big yellow sponge mushroom start showing up, so I would imagine next week and weekend will be a great time to fill a bag with tasty morel mushrooms.

I spent a good portion of last…

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