Oh, CARP! 44-Year-Old Md. Fishing Record Broken

Oh, CARP! 44-Year-Old Md. Fishing Record Broken
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The Chesapeake Bay region’s anglers are some of the most dedicated around, so it’s no surprise that new state fishing records are being set multiple times a year these days. (In Maryland, it’s happened three times in the last three months!)

But it’s not every day that a record held for 44 years is broken. That’s what happened earlier this month when Baltimore County resident Logan Kurhmann caught a 49-pound common carp.

Kuhrmann, 24, who lives in Essex, was bass fishing in the Susquehanna Flats June 4 when he caught the hefty carp.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) was using a pinning tackle with a plastic worm. He thought he had a catfish on the other end of the, but what he hauled in was a carp.

“We’ve seen some really big ones up in the Flats but we’ve never seen one this big ever,” Kurhmann said. “The bass fishing wasn’t great but this made my week.” 

Kurhmann brought the enormous carp to shore in his live…

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