North Dakota Game & Fish Dept. says it’s a record year for summer fishing

North Dakota Game & Fish Dept. says it's a record year for summer fishing
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FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — With a combination of perfect weather and people itching to get on the water there has been a record number of fish being caught in North Dakota.

“So, we’ve seen the fishing in North Dakota turn into nothing short of legendary. The fishing has been just off the chart it’s been fantastic,” says Doug Leier, a biologist with the North Dakota Game & Fish Department.

North Dakota is famous for its lakes and rivers.

Walleye fishing here is among the best you’ll find but there are other whoppers out there like northern pike, perch and even catfish.

“If you think of it as a recipe so you know you have to have the water and we’ve got some of the best water conditions that we’ve had in our modern times and that we’ve ever had in the history of North Dakota,” Leier says.

This past year has been some of the best fishing the North Dakota Game and Fish Department has seen.

In fact, from May until July we broke a record for the most…

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