New Va. State Park Designed with Tribal Leaders on York River

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The state of Virginia has officially dedicated its 40th state park, a history-rich Native American site overlooking the York River and its tidal creeks, which offers education as well as trail and water access.

The new state park in Gloucester County is called Machicomoco, the Algonquin word for “special meeting place”, and seeks to teach visitors about the indigenous people who lived on the shorelines of the York, also known by its Indian name of the Pamunkey River. It includes two miles of wooded interpretive trails that shed light on life hundreds of years before the arrival of Europeans and an open-air interpretive area that will be the future home of educational programs.

“It is our hope that visiting the park will spark an ember of curiosity, leading those who visit here to seek more knowledge about the history of the people who walked these lands and a deeper understanding of their culture, which lives today through their descendants,” said Virginia State Parks…

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