Milwaukee’s rising crime, police feel change in community: ‘Not normal’

Milwaukee's rising crime, police feel change in community: 'Not normal'
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It’s late October in Milwaukee. Sergeant Christopher Jackson is starting his shift at Milwaukee Police District 7 on Fond du Lac Avenue. FOX6 News joined Sgt. Jackson in the squad car as he starts his patrol.

The night starts quiet, but it does not last long. Sgt. Jackson gets a call for a reckless driver. We pull up to see a smashed Kia. The driver and passengers are gone. Not long after we leave the scene, another call comes in. This time for a car pulled over for a window tint, but ultimately police arrest the driver. 

Then suddenly two squads peel out of the alley to go to another call. MPD said that has become normal. Officers are constantly waiting for that next call.

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“We definitely feel the increase in…

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