Milwaukee 10-year-old accused of killing mom held on $50K

Milwaukee 10-year-old accused of killing mom held on $50K
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The Milwaukee 10-year-old boy accused of shooting and killing his mother is charged as an adult.

It’s because of state statutes. There are three crimes that apply, meaning if a kid 10 years old or older is charged by prosecutors with any one of them, the original court is adult court, but some defense experts say the law should be changed.

A 10-year-old boy appeared before a children’s court judge Wednesday.

Prosecutors say the boy shot and killed his mother at their home near 87th and Hemlock Nov. 21. He was initially placed with family after the incident, but they called police the next day with concerns about the story and say that he has rage issues. Police say the boy later told them his mom wouldn’t let him have a virtual reality headset and that he retrieved the gun because he was mad at her, and he ordered…

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