MDC fish record broken with rare eel catch by Doniphan man

Carlin Allison, of Doniphan, holds a rare state record for American eel after reeling in a 6-pound, 15-ounce fish on the Current River. MDC confirmed this is the ninth state record fish recorded in 2021.
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The ninth state record fish was recorded in late July, and it was one of the more rare catches for Missouri.

Carlin Allison, of Doniphan, was catfishing on the Current River July 26 when he reeled in a eel weighing six pounds and 15 ounces using his pole-and-line, according to Missouri Department of Conservation

Using skipjack bait, Allison said he thought he was pulling in a catfish.

“My buddy and I were out at about 3 that morning, so it was dark outside and I couldn’t see that well, but it put up one heck of a fight,” Allison said.

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After discovering an eel at the end of the line, Allison was about to cut it free when his friend intervened.

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