Malad Bass Fishing Tournament held over weekend

Malad Bass Fishing Tournament held over weekend
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The Malad Bass Fishing Tournament for 2023 took place on Saturday, with teams competing throughout the morning and afternoon.

 The event started with ceremonies at 7:30 a.m. with the national anthem and a welcome to all anglers. There were a total of eight anglers all together in four boats. The boat captains were “Big Dog” Tim Rawlings, “Mad Dog” Bret Felter, James Bradshaw, and Ryelur Anderson. 

The anglers that participated included boat one, with the winning team Deken and Blake Williams, and boat captain Tim Rawlings.  The boat netted five fish for 5.07 pounds. Boat 2 took second place, with Irish and German Loftis and boat captain Bret Felter.  They took in five fish for  4.66 pounds.  Boat 3, in third place, was Dutch Loftis and Bryce Jones.  The team had three fish, weighing 2.29 Pounds.  Fourth place was Waylon Hill and Ryelur Anderson, with two fish for 1.94 pounds.

The biggest fish was caught by Irish Loftis, weighing 1.31 lbs. 

The weather was especially…

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