Lowcountry shad: Where and how to catch the tasty fish | Fishing

Lowcountry shad: Where and how to catch the tasty fish | Fishing
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I’ve never forgotten my first shad fishing adventure, even though it took place nearly 40 years ago.

I remember that I had no clue what I was doing and I didn’t come close to catching a fish. But as a relative newcomer to the area, I had heard about the fabulous shad fishing and the tasty roe from the big female shad that could be found in the beautiful Edisto River. I knew I had to try my luck.

American shad (there’s also the less desirable hickory shad) are anadromous fish, born in freshwater and eventually migrating to saltwater. When it’s time for them to spawn, they try to return to their birthplace and the Edisto River back then was considered a premier spot for catching shad.

I went armed with light tackle and shad darts and began trolling in areas that looked promising. I saw commercial fishermen netting shad but I went home empty-handed, my first and last shad trip on the Edisto River.

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