How to Catch Trout in Fall

How to Catch Trout in Fall
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Autumn is a time of transition. A time when the world decelerates from the frantic slathering on of sunblock, cookouts on the riverside, “don’t forget to bring your bathing suit” days of summer, into the cold, crispy days that kickstart the heavy blanket of winter. It’s a time for lighting the first fire in the fireplace, wearing comfy sweaters, watching horror movies, pumpkin spice everything, and most importantly—catching big trout.

Fall fishing is the stuff that dreams are made of if you’re a trout fisherman. The water in fall is low and clear, making fish and potential fishing spots east to find. Brown and brook trout are getting ready to spawn and become extremely aggressive while trout like rainbows and cutthroats are energized by the cold water and less wary of approaching anglers. Best of all, almost every type of trout in the water is feeling the approach of the oncoming winter and will begin to gorge themselves on anything and everything. This makes bait,…

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