How to Catch Catfish in Rivers

How to Catch Catfish in Rivers
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Catfish were the fish of my childhood. They were the fish that my grandfather would tell me about catching when I was 6 years old and would climb into his lap and ask him to tell me stories. To this very day catching a catfish evokes memories of sitting in the darkness with him and my uncles, holding a cheap lantern out over the water while they fished, the flickering light illuminating the struggling form of a catfish on the end of one of their lines.

Catfish became a fish that I loved, and the first fish I really pursued beyond panfish and perch. I’ve fished for them using dozens of different techniques—from setting trotlines in creeks, to grabbing them out of holes with my hands—I’ll happily land a catfish anytime and anyplace, but my absolute favorite spot to chase catfish is in the flowing waters of a river.

How to Find Catfish in Rivers

Though most anglers know at least a bit about catching catfish in large lakes, reservoirs, swamps, and ponds, it seems that many…

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