How a 75-Year-Old Fishing Record Was Shattered Twice This Year

How a 75-Year-Old Fishing Record Was Shattered Twice This Year
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The longest-standing record in Colorado, a 7.63-pound brook trout caught in 1947, was once widely considered unbreakable. George Knorr’s mid-century catch has been shrouded in mystery for decades, achieving a near folklore status amongst Colorado anglers, many of whom suspect foul play. Some say Knorr had secret brook trout ponds that he beefed up with buckets of dog food. Others report that he would ride his horse to high-mountain lakes, trot right into the water, and fly fish off his partially-submerged pony.

This year, however, the rumors were put to rest when Tim Daniel, a Granby, Colorado, resident, smashed the record with a grotesquely large 7.84-pound lunker on May 23. When he brought the fish to net this spring, he had good reason to believe it would sit atop the charts for nearly another century.

At the time, nobody could’ve predicted that the record would be broken again in the same year. But on October 8, Matt Smiley achieved the unthinkable by landing an 8.56-pound…

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