Houston Angler Catches Gargantuan 8-Foot Alligator Gar

alligator gar on the surface of the water
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iStockphoto / serajace

A Houston-based angler named Paul Myers has captured the attention of the fishing community with a stunning photograph of his friend laying next to an 8-foot alligator gar he recently caught and released.

Believe it or not, he says this isn’t even the largest alligator gar that he has caught! Paul also went viral last year after helping his 10-year-old daughter reel in an 8-footer of her own, a Texas state fishing record for junior anglers.

Myers shared the downright epic photos of his 8 foot, 2 inch ‘queen’ alligator gar on Facebook. In the pictures you can see his 5’10” friend laying next to the gar as a size comparison. He also has a photograph of his hand on the fish’s head to show just how wide the skull is.

The pictures went viral on social media. Gar specialist Dr. Solomon David shared the image of the person laying next to the fish:

Dr. Solomon David spoke with Ryan Nickerson at the Houston Chronicle about the importance of…

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