Girl Catches 5-Pound Bass on Chicken Nugget

Girl Catches 5-Pound Bass on Chicken Nugget
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Nine-year-old Charlotte Pinon of Wyoming, Ohio, had herself one heck of a Memorial Day weekend. According to this report on, she was fishing with her dad at a small pond when she decided to stick a McDonald’s chicken nugget on her hook. Next thing she knew she was wrangling a 5-pound bass to the bank. Charlotte claims to have had success in the past using gummy worms and crackers as bait. The next time she and her dad head out, she says she’s going to give Doritos a shot. 

This is a very fun and cute story, but serious anglers put a lot of time and effort into catching a five pounder—and many have not cracked the 5-pound mark yet. Charlotte’s McNugget victory begs a question: Do we give fish too much credit for being smart and discerning? Having had this conversation with countless anglers I respect over the…

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