Fishing lure wins Best of Show at the largest fishing tackle trade fair

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Some fishermen believe that the lure has actually won the Best In Show award at the United Nations Sports Fishing Trade Show (ICAST), the world’s largest fishing tackle trade fair. is.

Berkeley Powerbait Gilly, a soft plastic bluegill-shaped lure with Powerbait flavor, won the award on July 22nd to commemorate the lure’s first highest honor at the trade show. .. Over 680 products were part of ICAST’s new product showcase, which awards the “best” honor in 30 different categories. Gilly won the soft freshwater lure category on July 21st.

Ed killer is participating The world’s largest fishing tackle show. Please ride together!

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How did the lure win the best in show?

This award is typically awarded to electronics manufacturers, paddle craft builders, or rod and reel…

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