Fisherman Ties North Dakota Paddlefish Record With 131-Pounder

Paddlefish underwater with mouth open
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iStockphoto / Marina Vedernikova

A North Dakota fisherman tied the state’s paddlefish record after snagging a 131-pounder only two days into ND’s paddlefish season.

Paddlefish are one of the most peculiar looking species of fish in North America and anglers chase after them all throughout America’s heartland but fishing for them requires non-traditional tactics as they are filter feeders and won’t take a normal bait at the end of a rod and reel.

The most-effective style of fishing for paddlefish is ‘snagging’ which is exactly what it sounds like, and that’s exactly what Tyler Hughes and his wife were doing on the Yellowstone River on May 3rd when the state fishing record-tying 131-pound paddlefish got snagged on his 10/0 treble hook.

Bob McNally of OutdoorLife was able to get video of the catch which, once measured and weighed, tied the North Dakota state record for paddlefish. Tyler Hughes had unfortunately forgotten his gaff on this fine day and had to leave to…

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