Electric Motor Company Attempts Chesapeake-to-Miami Endurance Record

Electric Motor Company Attempts Chesapeake-to-Miami Endurance Record
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If someone told you that a pair of electric outboard motors had the range to carry you on a 1,000-nautical-mile journey down the Atlantic coast, would you believe it?

Last week, a three-person crew from electric outboard maker Vision Marine Technologies departed from Electrified Marina in Norfolk aboard a 23’ Zenith pontoon boat. It’s equipped with a 3 kW solar array on its canopy, twin banks of lithium batteries in parallel, and twin electric outboard motors. They are well underway on an epic, 1,050 nautical mile voyage they’re calling the Amped Up Distance Challenge

This expedition shows off the long-range capabilities of sustainable electric power, as Vision’s team navigates from the lower Chesapeake to Miami, Florida. Their mission is to demonstrate the potential of clean, efficient electric boating technology. The tentative itinerary, built around 20-50-nm daily runs, includes stops at several Vision Marine Technology dealerships and partnering…

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