Central Maine Bassmasters enjoying consistent fishing in 2022

Central Maine Bassmasters enjoying consistent fishing in 2022
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READFIELD — Josh Blackwood and Kevin Busch both have what they call a “love-hate relationship” with Maranacook Lake.

Loaded with both largemouth and smallmouth, the 1,673-acre lake is one of central Maine’s many strong bass fisheries. Yet while Maranacook can produce good fish on some days, it can leave local fishermen frustrated on others.

“It’s just hit-or-miss,” Busch said. “It’s one of those lakes where you can come out one day and catch a 20-bag, but then you can come back the next day and catch nothing.”

While Busch had a rougher day in Saturday’s Central Maine Bassmasters tournament on Maranacook, Blackwood, who won the overall competition with a bag weighing in at just over 17 pounds, fared significantly better. Such is life in the world of angling, where the local action, club members say, has been excellent in 2022.

It’s now the midway point of the fishing season for the Central Maine Bassmasters, who held their first tournament in late April and…

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