BTB fishing tournament a ‘success in the books’

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Oct. 4—This year’s Back the Blue Bass Fishing Tournament was a success and officials say a change to next year’s date may occur to accommodate hunting season.

Tahlequah Police Lt. Dexter Scott said Saturday’s event was a success in the books and he’s looking forward to next year’s tournament.

“We had more public show up than normal and I think being at Jimmy Houston’s Marine and Kawasaki made it a lot easier for people to travel to and from,” Scott said. “It made it to where we had quite a bit a people at weigh-in.”

The entry fee was $100 per boat, and Scott said they had 40 boats registered for the tournament.

“We actually raised over $6,000 this year,” he said.

Proceeds go toward purchases within the police department and those purchases can be used by other area agencies, if needed.

Scott said there’s no plan as of yet on what the proceeds will be spent on as he’s waiting on the outcome of this year’s tournament.

“Our next year’s tournament, we’re wanting to move to a different date…

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