Anglers With Disabilities Find Slim Resources in the US

Anglers With Disabilities Find Slim Resources in the US
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The nonprofit Fishing Has No Boundaries remains one of the few U.S. organizations dedicated to helping people with disabilities find ways to cast a line.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, has just begun construction of its first American Disability Act-compliant fishing piers. (For reference, the ADA was signed into law in 1990.) These piers will reach 3 feet over the water and have railings all the way round, making them safe for disabled anglers of all kinds.

“You know there’s a lot of areas where people can’t access,” Jeff Koffron, Facilities Improvements Project Manager for Cedar Rapids, told the local ABC station. “Fishing is pretty hard to do because of the steep banks and so forth.”

Unfortunately, projects like the one in Iowa remain rare. While more local governments have built ADA-compliant fishing piers in recent years, angling for the disabled remains a difficult proposition across the country.


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