Angler Misses State Fishing Record For Bocaccio Rockfish After Error

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  • A 20.33 pound Bocaccio rockfish recently caught in Southern California would have destroyed the existing state record that’s stood since 1987
  • But after weighing this record-setting fish they filleted it onboard the boat before weighing the fish on a certified scale in front of two witnesses
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This record-setting 20.33-pound Bocaccio rockfish recently caught in California isn’t “the one that got away” because they have proof of the catch. Unfortunately, what they don’t’ have is the new California state record because the normal protocols weren’t followed.

The existing California state record for Bocaccio rockfish is 17lbs8oz. That fishing record has stood since October 25th, 1987 when angler Sam Strait landed that record rockfish on the Point St Georges Reef in Del Norte County. This recent catch would’ve dominated that 34-year-old fishing record by three pounds!

Lori Heath recently shared a picture of angler…

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