Angler Catches World Record Class Lake Trout

Scott Enloe world record class lake trout from colorado
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While fishing with his son Hunter on Blue Mesa Reservoir in Colorado on May 5, 2023, Black Rifle Coffee Pro Scott Enloe caught the fish of a lifetime, in more ways than one when he and his son boated a lake trout they weighed at 73.29 pounds on their certified scale. That not only blows the Colorado state record out of the water, but it’s also heavier than than the world record lake trout of 72 pounds caught in 1995 on Great Bear Lake in Canada.

Enloe was a professional bass angler, and was a member of the US Men’s Fly Fishing Team as well as being an avid hunter and outdoorsman. He and his son have spent countless hours learning to catch trophy lake trout like this one. He uses heavy baitcasting gear and Basstrix swimbaits to catch these Lakers. Biologists believe this fish could have been one of the original stocked lakers in Blue Mesa. If that’s true, this fish is more than 57 years old as those original…

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