AGFC applauds accomplishments at Westphal’s final meeting | News

AGFC applauds accomplishments at Westphal’s final meeting | News
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Thursday’s Arkansas Game and Fish Commission meeting concluded one of the busiest years in recent history, with many accomplishments highlighted in AGFC Director Austin Booth’s report.

Booth reflected on his first year leading and working alongside staff, volunteers and the many other Arkansans who make the AGFC’s efforts possible.

“2022 was quite a year for the agency,” Booth said as he highlighted some of the agency’s accomplishments, including breaking ground for the Jim Hinkle Spring River Hatchery renovation, completing the renovation of Mercer Bayou, completing a major project on the southern greentree reservoir at Henry Gray Hurricane Lake Wildlife Management Area, modernizing the Marine Fuel Tax agreement with ArDOT and opening major shooting ranges in Jonesboro and Warren.

“2022 has been great for us,” Booth said. “Next month we’re going to present an annual report that will capture all of this for the people that we serve,…

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