A 240-Pound Lake Sturgeon Caught Near Detroit Called ‘Real-Life River Monster’ And Estimated At 100-Years-Old – BroBible

240-pound Lake Sturgeon Sea Monster
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The Lake Sturgeon, also known as the Rock Sturgeon, is one of the coolest fish species found in North America, at least in my humble opinion. They look awesome and their ancient creatures that grow to enormous sizes.

One of the largest lake sturgeon ever measured, a fish that’s being called a legitimate ‘real-life river monster’ but field scientists, was capture on the Detroit River and it’s believed to be over 100-years-old. There’s no way of knowing the fish’s exact age but the estimation is made based on the extraordinary measurements.

The 240-pound Lake Sturgeon was caught on April 22nd and measured a whopping 6’10” long and the girth measurement was a full 4-feet around. The fish was weighed and clocked in at 240-pounds. Based on those three measurements, the Detroit River Native Species Crew estimated this fish was 100-years-old which would mean it was born around 1920 when Detroit was the 4th…

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