832-Pound Bluefin Tuna Misses Florida Fishing Record On Technicality

Bluefin Tuna
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iStockphoto / Whitepointer

  • A massive 832-pound Bluefin Tuna caught in Destin, Florida and it would break the existing state fishing record of 826-pound, 8-ounces if it wasn’t for a technicality
  • The existing Florida state fishing record for Bluefin Tuna has stood in place since May 2017 and that fish was caught by a single angler while no ‘angler’ is listed for the new record-setting tuan
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A group of fishermen in Destin, Florida just landed one of the largest fish ever caught in the state of Florida. The 832-pound Bluefin Tuna would easily be a Florida state fishing record if it wasn’t for a technicality. Regardless of the technicality, it’s still one of the largest fish ever caught in the Sunshine State and the pictures of this bluefin tuna are out of this world.

In order for a fishing record to be certified it needs to have been caught by one fisherman. The vast majority of recreational and serious anglers on the planet know…

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