7,774 Yards: New World Record Rifle Shot Set in Wyoming

7,774 Yards: New World Record Rifle Shot Set in Wyoming
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A team of long-range shooting experts in Wyoming set what appears to be the new world record for the longest rifle shot ever completed: 7,774 yards or 4.4 miles.

Scott Austin and Shepard Humphries led the team from Nomad Rifleman, a shooting range and instruction center based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The custom bolt-action rifle was chambered in .416 Barrett, and the hand-lathed 422-grain bullet took 24.5 seconds to reach the target.

Humphries described feeling “elated and relieved” when he heard through the radios that the bullet had hit the target. “We all contributed so much time, effort, and money into this project, and as with anything that has not been done before, the chances are slim that you will succeed,” he told MeatEater.

The team took 69 shots the day they set the record, and their final shot miraculously hit the eight-inch center circle. The white rectangular target measured 10 feet wide and seven feet, eight inches tall–or about 1.7 MOA. Hitting the…

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