32-Year Indiana Fishing Record Broken Twice in Two Weeks

32-Year Indiana Fishing Record Broken Twice in Two Weeks
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A 32-Year Record

The Indiana burbot record held since 1990 was broken twice in a matter of two weeks.

A BIG Fish Story

Breaking a 32-year state record by 2.5 pounds, Valparaiso resident Scott Skafar caught a 10.2-pound burbot in Lake Michigan, Dec. 30. Skafar broke the record twice that day after catching a second burbot that broke the 1990 record by nearly 2 pounds.
Sometimes called eelpout, lawyer, or poor man’s lobster, Lake Michigan burbot are the only freshwater fish in the Gadidae, or cod, family. This unique fish has a single chin-barbel or whisker, similar to catfish whiskers and is found on the lake bottom in deep water. Learn more about this state record at bit.ly/3vWCFod.
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Less than two weeks later, on January 10th, Phillip Duracz broke Skafar’s record by catching an 11.4-pound fish, also from Lake Michigan. Duracz is no stranger to breaking records as he also holds the state record for lake whitefish, catching one…

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