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Deep-diving crankbaits are a staple whenever bass shift to deeper water haunts, but they’re demanding lures to fish in terms of casting, fatigue, and hooking and landing bass. Bassmaster Elite Series pro Bob Downey uses deep-diving crankbaits religiously and shares his top 3 favorite deep-cranking rod setups and when to use each. He discusses how differences in rod length, power and action, and materials impact performance and may make one a better tool for a specific job.

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  1. Deep-diving rod setup. For baits that consistently hit that 16- to 20-foot zone, Downey goes big with a 7-foot, 11-inch heavy power, moderate taper fiberglass rod. The added length and power handles big plugs and allows him to achieve the longest casts possible — a must for getting the lure to its maximum running depth. The longer fiberglass rod also reduces fatigue with hard-pulling baits while providing the…

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