127-Pound Blue Catfish Is A New N.C. State Fishing Record

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iStockphoto / abadonian

  • A new North Carolina state record Blue Catfish was caught after beating the previous record by over six pounds
  • It took 30 minutes for the angler fishing the Roanoke River near Williamston before they got the “dinosaur” blue catfish to the boat
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Angler Rocky Baker from Four Oaks, North Carolina just fished his way into the record books. He was catfish fishing the Roanoke River and had caught some massive fish before hauling in the catch of a lifetime.

The day of fishing had already been going great according to a report in Field and Stream. Rocky Baker said they’d already caught a 51-pounder, 40-pounder, and a 30-pounder. That’s a heck of a day on the water right there. If it was me on that boat I’d have been tossing back cold ones like water saying ‘let’s not get greedy here, fellas’ and I likely would’ve missed out on the fish of a lifetime.

When the 127-pound Blue Catfish hit the rod completely doubled…

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