12-Year-Old Catches 10-Foot Sturgeon In Idaho That Ties State Record

12-Year-Old Catches 10-Foot Sturgeon In Idaho That Ties Record For Biggest Fish Ever In The Gem State
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  • A 12-year-old fisherman in Idaho just landed a sturgeon that measures 9’11” and was just an inch away from breaking the state’s record
  • Most sturgeon fisherman associate British Columbia’s Fraser River with the biggest fish but this is proof that Idaho has some monsters
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It’s bittersweet to see a young angler catch such a massive sturgeon. I say this because there’s a strong possibility that 12-year-old Tyler Grimshaw has peaked after tying the Idaho state fishing record for catch-and-release. And like many fishermen, he’s now facing a life of chasing that thrill of the fishing record books.

Tyler was fishing in Southern Idaho’s Snake River which is one of the hottest sturgeon fishing locations in North America. The Fraser River in British Columbia is considered the #1 fishing spot in the world for this dinosaur-like species. And the Fraser River tends to overshadow the fact that Idaho’s Snake River in Hells…

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