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7 Best Fishing Sunglasses Reviews 2021

Some anglers will tell you that if you want some good fishing glasses, you need to pay the extortionate price tag that comes with them. Other anglers will tell you that they personally have a favorite brand, or that the price doesn’t matter as long as you go with the right lens. Either way, if you ...

Best Fluorocarbon Line for Spinning Reels 2021

When it comes to the advantages offered by the three main types of fishing lines used by bass anglers, fluorocarbon line offers us with distinct qualities that truly sets it apart from other kinds. High-quality fluorocarbon fishing line has the ability to nearly vanish underwater, making it much ...

The Ultimate Guide to Skirted Jigs for Bass Fishing

Catching any fish can be rewarding, but it’s even more enjoyable when you’re reeling in big fish. For this, it’s a good idea to turn to skirted jigs, which are not only capable of catching the biggest fish in the water but can also be used year-round in a wide variety of water conditions and ...

Fishing Rod Action Guide for Beginners

If you're a new angler, you're probably wondering what fishing rod action is. In simple words, action is the extent to which a rod bends when one exerts pressure on its tip. You must note that the action rating also includes the speed at which the rod resumes its natural position after bending. ...

Best Baitcasting Rod Reviews 2021

I'm excited to be able to touch on my choices for the best baitcasting rod reviews for 2021, and as I sit and cast off the front of the boat I think to myself how far the sport of fishing has come since before it was considered a sport and was more of a way of survival. With all of the modern-day ...

The Ultimate Fishing Rod Power Guide

It’s common for beginner anglers to confuse the concepts fishing rod power and fishing action, but the fact remains that both are different. Fishing rod power is generally a weight or value that refers to what species you can catch with a specific rod. When you're using fishing rods of varying ...

The Ultimate Bass Fishing Rod Length Guide

While there is no way to guarantee that you will land a Marlin or reach the bass you're aiming for, the wrong fishing rod length can definitely make things more challenging than they should be. For an angler, the fishing rod is a trusty companion, and experts highly emphasize the importance of ...

Best Fishing Rod and Reel Combo for Beginners

When you’re new to the art of fishing, we recommend starting out with the best fishing rod and reel combo for beginners to increase your chances of success. A combo is a good choice because it relieves you of the struggle of matching the rod with the reel. Initially, your lack of experience may ...

When to Use a Neko Rig vs Wacky Rig

The Neko rig and the Wacky rig are both lure presentations that are relatively new in the world of bass fishing. For beginner or novice anglers, or for those who have never experimented with these baits, it can be tough to understand the differences between them and how they should be used.  ...

The Different Types of Fishing Rods Explained

Fishing is undoubtedly an enjoyable, fun, and relaxing sport. But a fisher is only as successful as their fishing rods. Every angler starts with the desire to cast successful lines and revel in catching bigger and stronger-fighting fish, but before you do understanding the different types of ...

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